Technology Training

Getting Started for New Staff Members

If you are a new staff member, then please watch this training video on how to get started using your newly created school email.


On-Demand (24/7) Video and PDF Training Library (Free)

Central Local School District has a searchable technology training library for our staff that can be accessed 24/7 on many devices including your Apple or Android smartphone. To access the library, simply navigate to Staff > Login/Logout, and then login with your computer username (firstname.lastname) and password. After logging in you will now see a new item "Staff Technology Training" under the Staff dropdown, navigate there to access the training. Click here to login, you will then be redirected to the technology training page.

Schedule Personal 1 on 1 or Group Technology Training (Free)

Use this tool to schedule training where John Mansel-Pleydell will come out to our district to train you. There is a requirement that we have at least 4 timeslots filled for a building before he will come out. The requests in this tool queue up until there are 4 timeslots filled for the building. When 4 or more timeslots are filled, then John will be automatically emailed to come out. Also if you sign up requesting a group training (5 or more people), then that will also trigger John to be scheduled to come out. To get started, just click on the link below, and then login with your computer username (firstname.lastname) and password to access the sign up page.

Click here to Signup For Personal 1 on 1 or Group Technology Training with John Mansel-Pleydell



Schedule a Visit to NWOCA for PowerSchool Training (Free)

To be trained on PowerSchool Administration or PowerTeacher Gradebook you will have to visit NWOCA and schedule a time during their "Student Services Work Session". The "Student Services Work Session" is held at NWOCA in Archbold every other Wednesday from 8:30AM - 11:00AM. It is a catch all where you can go to get trained on any PowerSchool topic. If you plan on attending then you need to first register online, and then also send an email to letting them know the day that you are coming and the topics that you need trained on.


NWOCA Upcoming Fairview Workshops

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