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Starting with the 2023-2024 school year, Fairview Elementary will be offering an optional 1 to 1 Chromebook take home program for 5th grade only. Third and fourth grade teachers were having too many issues with students bringing in their devices, and/or having them properly charged, so we have moved back to a cart solution for those grade levels.

Parents of fifth grade students will see the option in FinalForms on the "Chromebook Protection Plan" form to sign up for the optional $40 annual "Chromebook Protection Plan", which will allow your student (Grade 5 only) to take home their Chromebook as well as offering accidental damage protection as outlined in our Chromebook Protection Plan Coverage Grid. Students who choose not to purchase the optional Chromebook Protection Plan will still have access to their own Chromebook at school (Each student gets their own Chromebook which is not shared), but it will stay at school at all times. One major difference between the high school/middle school 1 to 1 and the elementary school 1 to 1 is that if students do not purchase a protection plan in the high school/middle school, then they are still responsible for repair costs for breakages according to the Chromebook Protection Plan Coverage Grid. At the elementary, students will not be held financially responsible for accidental damage to their Chromebook (Unless an unreasonable amount of repeated breakages occur) if they do not have a Chromebook Protection Plan. This is for the following reasons:

  • Students at the HS/MS take their Chromebooks with them all day throughout the building, and the care that they treat their device with while transporting them is a huge factor in breakages. This is much less of an issue at the elementary, due to the way that elementary students are more centered with their homeroom teacher throughout the day.
  • Students at the HS/MS are older, more responsible, and make less mistakes on average than elementary students
  • Our goal is to be as fair to parents as possible, limiting mandated costs and replacing them with options at every opportunity, while still having a sustainable program able to fund repairs

Elementary students who choose to purchase the optional Chromebook Protection Plan will be held responsible for damages if they occur as outlined in our Chromebook Protection Plan Coverage Grid since they will be taking their device out of the classroom, but please note that in the coverage grid that their first repair for the year is already covered via the plan at no additional cost. Also, students who purchase the optional protection plan will be assigned a protective Chromebook bag. This bag is included at no additional cost, as long as they have an active Chromebook Protection Plan, and greatly reduces the chance of damage during transport. If you have any questions, then please email our Director of Technology Adam Singer

Reasons to take home

  • Your student will have their own device with filtered internet
  • No need to wait on a shared device at home
  • No need to worry about your student accidentally getting a virus on your home computer
  • Access resources like Brainpop, Discovery Education, InfOhio, IXL, Khan Academy, interactive games through Highlightskids, loads of audiobooks and ebooks on Hoopla, and more
  • Gain extra practice with reading through using Worldbookonline and having books read to your student as the words are highlighted and read aloud
  • A Chromebook is a mobile device with a full Chrome web browser, so you have access to the vast learning opportunities available on the internet while having filtered internet


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