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Hello and thank you for visiting the Superintendent’s page. As I begin my fifth year with Central Local Schools, I would like to thank the community for helping to make my first four years as your superintendent an excellent experience. In partnership with an extremely caring faculty and staff, I will continue to do all I can to help our students achieve the highest levels, both in the classroom and through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Educating young people has and always will be a joint effort between school and home. Continued support from parents, grandparents, and guardians is essential for the overall well-being of today’s learners. One of our main goals at Central Local Schools is to develop partnerships with families to encourage a cooperative effort in all aspects of the school environment. We highly encourage you to build positive relationships with your children’s teachers, principals, coaches, bus drivers, and other school personnel. Working together, we can assure that your children are pushed to their maximum level of capability while maintaining a safe and secure learning atmosphere.

In order to succeed in today’s market, students of all ages must be exposed to an appropriate 21st Century learning environment, which includes the use of modern technology. With inspiring lessons from our teachers to solid support from our technology department, administration, and board of education, our district is providing the needed skills to succeed after graduation. Students who graduate from Fairview High School are ready for the challenges that lie ahead in the next chapter of their lives, whether that be college, military, the work force, or some other avenue.

To help spread the news of the great lessons happening in our classrooms (and occasionally outside our classrooms), we encourage you to visit the “Who’s Telling Your Story?” link found on the homepage of the school website.  It is here that our teachers and students tell their story about a variety of classroom happenings.  You can also find each of these stories on the Central Local Facebook page.

With Phase I of the renovation/remodeling project complete, we have turned our attention to Phase II.  Both high school hallways and main hallway leading to the middle school are now one uniform color of light gray, which brightens up the spaces.  Next summer, we plan to paint the middle school hallways.  We are also in the process of replacing interior doors as needed.

The big Phase II projects are still very much in the discussion stage, with a vision of upgrading the front entrance, the competition gymnasium, or possibly both spaces.  We have much more to discuss and decide before any decisions will be made concerning these large projects, but the wheels are turning.

In addition to the physical improvements listed above, we are also excited to continue our textbook adoption plan this year.  Through collaboration between principals and teachers, we have adopted a new series of high school social studies books, middle school math books, and elementary science books.  This is just the second year of the adoption plan, with the goal of providing many new educational resources for our students and teachers for the next several years.  All of these projects are possible due to the support of the permanent improvement levy passed in November 2019.

Again, we want to work as partners with our community. If you have a concern about something happening at school or during a school event, please contact the appropriate school employee for assistance. If you aren’t sure who to contact, feel free to call the central office (419-658-2808), and we will assist you. My door is always open.

Here’s hoping for a great 2022-2023 school year.

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