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In lieu of having to make up school days in June and to utilize our effective remote learning plan, the Central Local School District will now provide a REMOTE LEARNING day or BLIZZARD BAG day on days we have inclement weather and need to cancel school. Future school cancellation notices will be posted and announced as a REMOTE LEARNING DAY.  

Teachers have the option of posting a pre-recorded lesson, holding live Google Meet lessons, or handing students a "blizzard bag" packet of lesson activities to complete in place of in-person learning. Students should check Google Classroom for announcements and posted lessons. Live lessons will not start before 10:14am. 

When inclement weather is unexpected, it may be necessary to hand out “blizzard bag” packets of activities after students return to school. Again, teachers will work with students on due dates in these circumstances.
Teachers will begin discussing specific details of the expectations for Remote Learning days and the handling of due dates for assignments with students this week.  

Attendance will be based upon assignment completion.

If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.

Student Fees are $55. Mrs. Timbrook is available to process fee payments, whether you pay the entire $55 or just a little each month.  Chromebook fee is $40.  You can write 1 check for those fees, checks made out to Central Local Schools.  Fees and lunch money can also be paid on line through our K12 Payment Program, that is on our parent tab. 

If a student is absent, they are able to log on remotely.  It will be counted as an absence but they can still get on on and do their work.  Please contact the middle school to report your child's absence.  A reason must be given or it will be an unexcused absence. 

There are a few yearbooks left if you did not order one.  They are $20, checks made out to Central Local Schools.


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