Vicki L. Brunn

Vicki Brunn
Hello and welcome to the Superintendent's page. Central Local Schools is a district with a commitment to Excellence! We, along, with every other school district in the state of Ohio, are experiencing some frustration with the new State Report Card.  With the use of new state assessments, a change in the assessments twice in the space of two years, as well as the move to online testing we are finding the state report card no longer a true measure of schools' performance around the state.  We will continue to strive for excellence, push our students to excel in all academic areas, and prepare our students for college and/or careers after high school and look forward to when the State Report Card will again reflect a true measurement of our success.  Our staff and students are to be commended for their dedication and hard work. 

In today's world it is vital that our students leave high school ready for a career path or further education. Jobs for the future require 21st century skills, extensive knowledge of core content, and critical thinking skills. I am confident that our staff members are challenging our students and preparing them for a successful future!

You have my commitment to work together with you, our school parents and community members, to make our schools the best possible educational experience for our children. Please know that we welcome you into our schools to partner with us in any way possible. My door is always open and I'm happy to meet with you.  Just call 419-658-2808 and my secretary will schedule a time for us to get together.  Meanwhile, if you just have a quick question, please click on the link below, providing your email or phone number, and I will be happy to repond.


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Yours in Education,

Vicki Brunn

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