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Lunch Payments

Dealing with your children’s school money just got a lot easier! You can now go online and add money to their accounts for meals and even see what they are buying in the cafeteria.

To get started using the online system, go to https://www.k12paymentcenter.com and click “Register” to create an account. Select Central Local Schools from the drop-down lists of school districts for the state of Ohio, fill in your information, input your credit or debit card information, and you’re ready to go! Note that you will need your child’s student ID number, this is the 5-6 digit number that they use in the lunch line to checkout with. If you need help with this, then simply contact us for their ID number and with any other questions you may have.

Premium accounts are free (The standard $10 one time fee for premium accounts has been waived) for all Central Local School District accounts. Note that the $1.95 transaction fee still applies.

School Fees

You can now also pay school fees using K12 Payment Center. Please note that this is only a tool to pay fees online and that your live fee balance will not be reflected on K12 Payment Center. For example if you pay a $5 Assembly Fee in cash at school it will not be reflected as paid in the K12 Payment Center. For a live view of your current fee balance please make sure to use the PowerSchool Parent Portal. You can view a live view including current balance by clicking the "Lunch Balance" tab in the Parent Portal.

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Video: General Overview and Tutorial for Parents

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