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Principal: Mrs. Suzanne Geis
Secretary: Mrs. Jessie Timbrook
Guidance: Mr. Adam Brickner

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FMS News and Events 

End of the 3rd quarter is March 16th.


APACHES Awards will be Wed., March 28th at 1:50 pm.  All are welcome. 


Easter break will be March 28th - April 2nd.  


What is “The R Factor”?  All events have outcomes.  The outcome is determined by how we choose to respond to the event.  While we do not have any control over an event, we all have control over our response which in turn controls the outcome.  When we respond positively, the outcome is usually positive.  If we choose to respond negatively, we have chosen a negative outcome.  We make decisions like this every day which make all the difference in our quality of life.  The response is truly the key to success.


March & April Focus #5 Make A Difference

This month we are focusing on making a difference.  Your R Factor has a profound impact on those around you.  We can all make a difference in each other’s lives.  That difference can be beneficial or detrimental.  If we choose to be positive and work together, teams are formed, culture is built, and work gets done.  People feel our attitudes, see our actions, and hear our words.  Positive relationships and success is built on positive R’s.










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